What is insurance ?

Insurance is like a promise between someone and a company. The company promises to help with money if something bad happens, like if your house gets damaged or if you get sick or hurt. It’s like having a safety net to help you if something goes wrong.

Insurance is like a big umbrella that protects you from different things that could happen. There’s one kind that helps pay for doctor visits and medicine when you’re sick. Another kind helps your family if something happens to you and you can’t be with them anymore. There’s also a kind that helps fix things if your house or car gets damaged, and one that helps if someone sues you for something.

Insurance companies decide how much to charge you to protect your things or your health by thinking about how likely it is that something bad might happen and how much it would cost to fix it. They also think about things like how old you are and what kind of job you have.

Insurance policies are like rule books that explain what things are covered and when you can ask for help. It’s really important to read and understand the rule book so you know what to do if something happens.

If something bad happens and you have insurance, you have to tell your insurance company. They will check what happened and decide how much money they can give you to help fix it. The amount they give you will depend on what your insurance covers and how bad the problem is.

Insurance is like a shield that protects people and businesses from losing money unexpectedly. It helps to make us feel safe and secure by reducing the risk of losing money if something bad happens. It’s important for people and businesses to choose the right insurance and work with trustworthy companies to make sure they have the protection they need.